Downsizing With Your Pet?

Downsizing With Your Pet?

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 Downsizing With Your Pet? Here's Everything You Need to Know

 You love your furry friend so much and want them to be happy through the ups and downs of life. Despite all the affection, moving time can be extremely challenging and taxing on our pets. If you're looking to make the big move soon and are concerned about your friend's wellbeing, you're in the right place. Today, GoGo Stik shares some essential tips for easy and stress-free downsizing.

 Choosing Your New Home

 Let's start with the basics. Before picking out your new place, you will need to ensure that your pet loves it as much as you do. Daily Paws suggests taking a walk around the neighborhood to see if it is pet-friendly, with lots of green spaces and potential pet friends in nearby houses. Match this with your home needs, considering the number of bedrooms, square footage, and amenities you're looking for. A backyard and patio are particularly helpful when you have pets at home, but be sure the property is fenced for safety.

 Next, you'll need to prep your current home for sale. Consider making home upgrades like a kitchen renovation or curb appeal update to ensure you get the best price. This will significantly increase your overall property value and make the sale process more streamlined.

 Working with qualified realtors will also prove highly beneficial. They can help not only find properties in your neighborhood of choice, but assist you with securing financing. When you’re getting a mortgage, research and familiarize yourself with available penfed mortgage rates, whether you're taking out a conventional, FHA, or VA loan. Professionals will be able to match you to your dream property while finding the right home for you and your pets’ needs.

 Safety First

 The ASPCA reports that pets are likely to get skittish, aggressive, or reticent during moves, and this can result in tantrums and attempts for escape. To prioritize your pet's safety, be sure to keep them in a carrier or crate when the movers are around. Leave their favorite pet games and toys handy, so they feel comfortable and secure. In addition, pet-proofing both your old home and your new one will be critical. Tuck away electrical wires, plug up sockets, remove poisonous houseplants and ensure that your windows are properly secured.

 In addition, housebreaking your pets will be another significant move. If your dog does its business outside, be sure to create a routine to establish good toilet habits before the move. For feline friends, get them acquainted with a litter box if they aren't already. By housebreaking your pet, you're ensuring minimal accidents on and after moving day.

 Get Your Pet Settled In

 Pets can face abandonment issues just like us humans. And when their environment gets upended during downsizing, it is natural for feelings of fear or trauma to kick in. That's why it's imperative to get your pet settled into the new house before doing anything else. For example, before you move in your furniture, take your pet to the empty house and let them explore it on their own. Long walks around the new neighborhood will also be highly beneficial in getting them acquainted with their new environs.

 Purchasing and installing a cat door is another effective idea, as it allows your pet the freedom to move in and out of the home with ease. Be sure to shop around for various cat door options before deciding on one. Ideally, your choice will offer replacement parts if needed and be easy to install and lock.

 You may be concerned about issues like pet tantrums, escapes, safety, and more during the move. There are many moving parts (pun intended) to be concerned about. But with a bit of preparation and management, you can help your furry friend (and you) thrive in your new environment.

 When you take your pooch on their walks, the GoGo Stik pooper scooper and other products make cleaning up super clean and fast. Contact us today for more info!

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