Enjoying Your Furbaby's Golden Years

Enjoying Your Furbaby's Golden Years

Written and Submitted by Penny Martin

Our senior cats and dogs have been with us through so many of life's ups and downs. As they get older, it's important to show them the same love and care, while recognizing that their needs have changed. Today, GoGo Stik shares a few ideas to help your pet enjoy their retirement.

Get the Right Gear

When your pet was a puppy or kitten, you probably spoiled them with fancy toys, gadgets, and other extras. But after all these years, Fido or Fluffy's dogs might be looking a bit worse for wear. Head to your local pet supply store and treat your fur baby to some new gear.

For Dogs

  • Waterproof Dog Bed. For dogs that drool excessively or have incontinence issues, a waterproof dog bed or dog bed liner can contain messes while saving you time and money. Choose one that's machine washable for the ultimate convenience, and check reviews to ensure you’re investing in a reliable product.
  • Doggy Stroller. If your dog loves to come along on your adventures but just can't keep up on those long walks, Chewy suggests wheeling her around in style.
  • A Lovey. Just like human kids, dogs form a special bond with their toys. Lately, the Lamb Chop plush toy has gone viral. She might just become your dog's second-best friend.

For Cats

  • Accessible Litter Box. As your cat ages, she might have a harder time jumping into a top-entry box. Choose one with a low sidewall or a ramp for easy entrance.
  • Ergonomic Food Bowls. If your senior cat experiences vomiting or indigestion, a specially angled bowl can solve the problem overnight.
  • Kitty Backpack. As with a dog stroller, a kitty backpack or carrier can help get them around, which is especially helpful if they have issues with running or walking.

For Both

  • Care Products. Senior-aged pets require a bit more TLC, so check into products you can purchase that can help care for furbaby. When you research a free resource for pet lovers and before purchasing any products for your pet, you should read in-depth product reviews from unbiased sources.
  • Pet Stairs. Give your friend an extra boost onto the couch or bed for your nightly cuddle fest.
  • Senior Formula Pet Food. Yes, these specialized formulas really do help your pet stay healthier into old age.
  • Regular Visits to the Veterinarian and Groomer. Your pet might have gone a couple of years in between vet visits when they were younger. But now is the time to be diligent about medical care to proactively catch any health issues before they become serious. A standing appointment at the groomer is also a good idea; professional grooming helps your senior pet stay healthy and comfortable when they can't groom themselves.
  • Mitigate Stress. You’ll want your furry friend to enjoy their golden years as much as possible, and this includes reducing or eliminating stress they may be experiencing. This starts with you, as the stress you may be experiencing for whatever reason can actually rub off on them.


Take Care of Your Pet’s Dental Health

Older pets are just as susceptible to dental problems as younger ones, and it's important to keep their teeth healthy throughout their life. Brushing their teeth regularly is the best way to prevent tartar buildup and gum disease. While it may take some time for your pet to get used to the idea of having their teeth brushed, it's worth the effort to keep their smile shining bright. In addition to brushing, you should also have your pet's teeth checked by a veterinarian on a regular basis. By taking care of your pet's teeth, you'll help them stay healthy and happy well into their golden years.

Staying Safe Outdoors

Whether you're human or nonhuman, Animal Wellness notes that spending time outdoors is essential for physical health and mental well-being. Consider giving your aging pet daily outdoor time in a fenced-in yard. You may have heard about underground dog fence solutions, but these are less humane and less safe than a physical barrier.

If you want to install a front or backyard fence that can withstand curious animals nosing around, it's best to hire a professional. Search online for an affordable fence company near you to get the process started. Plan to spend about $4,500 to get the job done right, but be sure to read online reviews and obtain quotes from a few contractors in your area. Always stay with your pet whenever they're outside. (Hey, the fresh air will do you good, too!)

Our pets provide us with a lot of joy, so follow these tips to keep enjoying your furry friend into their golden years. These are special times!

GoGo Stik makes the pain and inconvenience of cleaning up pet waste a thing of the past for all. If you have any questions, let us know!

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