Kuno the Service Rottie

Kuno the Service Rottie

Hi there!! 

I'm finally getting pictures to you! The brutal Canadian weather just wore us out yesterday. And OMG you watched some of our videos??? That's so awesome. He's a really good boy, but I'm always working on improving him. Training from a wheelchair is really different and I'm still learning how to shape behaviors without always being able to lure. We've learned so much together and he will have taught me a lot for the next dog. 


This is the link to our pooper scooper video. I've put it out on Twitter and Instagram a few times when asked how do I pick up after him. Sometimes I'm not fast enough but we have about 95% accuracy. I recommend the Gogo Stik to anyone with mobility issues. I just wish I could find a nice bag for the back of my wheelchair big enough to discreetly tuck it into. But it does fit nicely on the seat beside me so it works! 



T6C 4R4 

Thank you so much. My life is significantly easier because of your product!


Marla & Kuno 

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