Master Multi-State Living: 5 Recommendations for Pet Owners

Master Multi-State Living: 5 Recommendations for Pet Owners


Article Written and Submitted by Penny Martin

When you own homes in multiple states, moving between locations with your pets can be stressful! But with set routines, a smart budget, and helpful tools like the GoGo Stik, you can care for your pets and relocate regularly with ease. Here’s how to tackle everything from buying pet products to creating a realistic budget based on varied living costs.

Supply Storage

 When you care for several pets, you need to ensure that each of your homes is stocked with the items they need at all times. It’s a good idea to set up sleeping areas for your pets at each of your homes and maintain well-stocked food storage areas at all of your properties. You’ll want to keep harnesses, crates, cat trees, and toys in your homes.

 How can you decide which pet products are worth buying? Checking customer reviews doesn’t hurt, but it’s always best to look for products recommended by veterinarians. By looking up reviews on websites that publish vet testimonials, you can rest assured that the products you buy are safe for your pets.

Stick With Routines 

Pets need routine - and so do people! But you might find it hard to nail down routines when you’re moving between your homes. Hiring a pet sitter and dog walker in the cities where you spend time can help. It’s much easier to commit to routines when you have someone else around to give you a hand with your pets! 

Buy Insurance 

Figuring out insurance when you live in multiple states can be tough. When it comes to car insurance, The Balance states that your car should be registered and insured in the same state, so consider registering your car in the state that offers cheaper policies. If you’re struggling to choose a health insurance policy, talk to an insurance advocate for advice. 

You’ll also want to take out an affordable pet insurance policy. To save in this area, Benzinga recommends buying a policy while your pet is young and healthy and considering an “accident-only” policy. 

Manage Your Budget 

Budgeting as a pet owner is challenging - especially if you’re tempted to spoil your pets! To minimize your spending as a multi-state homeowner, opt for streaming services over cable, and keep your kitchen stocked with nonperishables in your pantry and deep freezer. This will help you avoid ordering takeout.

Cost of Living Differences 

Living between multiple states means that you’ll be subjected to differing costs of living depending on where you spend your time. By analyzing cost discrepancies in each area, you can use this arrangement to your advantage. Here are the costs of a few necessary budget line items in some popular cities:

As a pet owner living between several states, your life might feel chaotic sometimes. But with the right strategy, you can settle into a lifestyle that works for you and your pets! With these tips, you’ll be able to tackle everything from budgeting to shopping for pet products. 

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