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Pooch Approved Products, USA

Our Story…

Pooch Approved Products was established in August 2015. 

Cindy, my wife is a cancer survivor; in remission over 15 ten years! While enduring procedures and treatments, she acquired a very special furry companion. A few more joined the pack in the following years. This fortuitously led to a utility patent for a few great pet waste cleanup tools.


When Dootie Calls

In the beginning (like most folks do daily), I faced dreadful thoughts and the task of keeping the yard free of Poo. Bagging my hand to pick up warm stinky trophies and parading them around the neighborhood during walks was just not going to work for me every day! I tried many leading “pooper scoopers” or pickers and contraptions; all had limitations.



The GoGo Stik is born

 Our newly formed, beloved canine product development team went into action; The Team: Mr. Brooklyn, a Golden Doodle, Miss Genie, a Golden Retriever, Mr. Kyto, a Bichon Frise and at last, Papi, our teacup Chihuahua! New ideas were tested for a new versatile pooper scooper that would double as a catcher. It had to keep your hands clean while being able to reuse plastic store bags. It turned out as a Catcher on walks the device was simply amazing; super clean and fast! The GoGo Stik Totally Clean Pooper Scooper was born! A true bona fide pooper scooper (and catcher) that kept hands and scooper Totally Clean.


 A Valued Partnership

Pooch Approved Products launched in 2015 and soon led to a wonderful partnership in 2017 with the JM Murray Center in Cortland NY. "JM Murray...is a service organization offering people with disabilities the opportunity to obtain legitimate employment in a real-world work environment while also teaching them valuable skills, improving their self-esteem, and enriching their lives." https://www.jmmurray.com

Perhaps most gratifying to me is to have received so many positive testimonials from dog loving folks. In some cases, life changing; a quality of life improvement for people with their best furry friend.


Our Vision

My vision is to make the pain and inconvenience of cleaning up pet waste a thing of the past for all. We want all dog lovers to be Pooch Approved and feel the benefits provided by GoGo Stik Pooper Scoopers and Dootie Bags. Our claim of distinction is for a totally Clean, pet-positive experience with your best furry friend as it has for my family and many others.


Our Mission

Our mission is to earn the trust and respect of every pet owner; offering the finest Pooch Approved products and support in a continuously expanding global pet market.

Happy Scoopin’ & Catchin’!

Alec Beaton

Alec Beaton Sr. with Cavey at Pittsburgh Inventor Show 6/2016

Inventor and Founder
Pooch Approved Products, USA
AB Innovations, Inc.